Alice Springs RSL War Museum

Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 by admin

Taffy-Pick-Rising-SunHistorical Significance Assessment for the Alice Springs War Museum.

Amanda Markham Consulting was approached by the collections manager of the Alice Springs RSL War Museum, Dr Robin Gregory, to undertake research and significance assessment of a number of high priority items within the Museum’s collection.

This was a fascinating but demanding project, involving a short time frame and requiring extensive archival and documentary research to determine the provenance, historical and social significance of around fifty items. The items ranged from an original company flag belonging to the 2/110th Australian General Transport Company to service medals and photographs of the Alice Springs RSL’s 1967 Rugby League team.

The report was able to ascertain the significance of most items, and recommended one item for further assessment under the Northern Territory Heritage Act.

A number of the items will be displayed in the opening exhibition of the Alice Springs RSL War Museum in April 2013.

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